At Auriawealth. We believe financial confidence is key to how you rebuild your life after divorce.

Auriaweath was started to change how many people are financially destroyed due to breakups. 

Great things happen when people understand money and understand their ability to affect their situation.

The mission is to grow Financial confidence one person at a time so that there are more happy thriving families after a Divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to mean the end, it can be a beautiful beginning to independence, stability and freedom

Money is not about math its about reading comprehension and your behaviour that become habits.

The decision to create your next chapter starts today and its not challenging, its just a decision


From no self-worth to a seven-figure net worth


Hey there! I’m Nicole—and I wasn’t always abundant. Once upon a time, I made all of my decisions from a place of scarcity, including a marriage (spoiler alert: it didn’t work out). It didn’t matter how much I made or contributed to my family or community, I didn’t feel valuable. At 38, I decided to change that.

I decided to fake it until I made it—and it worked. I rewrote my limiting beliefs, increased my revenue streams, invested in the stock market, real estate and start-ups—all while facing adversities like depression and divorce. And it made me who I am today: A woman obsessed with her self-worth and her net worth.

Sure, my net worth may be seven figures on paper, but I know I’m so much more than my money, and I want that for you, too. I want you to feel worthy. I want your bank accounts to be a mirror to your soul. I want you to invest in yourself and your fellow woman. To feel empowered by money.

I want your confidence and wealth to grow from your soaring self-worth. And I can tell you from personal experience: You can change your money situation, however messy your bank account (or life) looks. You just have to decide to take the next step. The question is: Will you?