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Wealth Academy

💫 You are one click away from the self paced course that allows you to transform into a life of freedom as you build your financial independence post-divorce!

All information on the Wealth Academy offering can be found in more detail here: https://www.auriawealth.com/wealthacademy


In this course, you will gain the confidence to handle all small and big money decisions, develop other ways to earn and add to your income sources, kick start your investing journey and most of all, create financial independence and freedom post divorce!

When you join the Wealth Academy, you will:

  • Feel in charge of your money and life
  • Build a custom wealth roadmap based on your values and goals
  • Become confident around money and understand your worth
  • Learn the EASY investing method to put it on autopilot for HUGE growth
  • Gain unlimited access to the course materials from the recorded live sessions 

*You are responsible for your results and we cannot wait to see how you take the reins on your money and elevate your life this year and beyond. 💫

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