Build Wealth After Your Divorce

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You deserve independent wealth!

What's Your Goal?

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the situation you find yourself in. Maybe you’re in debt, you’re income and assets are cut in half, you are managing your finances for the first time in your life. These new circumstances are an opportunity to reboot your life (financially). You want more knowledge, clarity, and organization when it comes to your money. Regardless of your divorce settlement you want to 20x the amount you walked away with but don’t even know where to start with investing.

Managing and growing your Money shouldn’t be so stressful

Unfortunately most of us were never taught how to deal with money. We weren’t shown that it's empowering to be independent this way. Let’s change this… because being in control of your money builds freedom and confidence.

I guide you on your money journey from your current situation right up to accomplishing your money goals.

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How do I get started?

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3. Become a Wealthy women

Build your money tool boc to get out of debt, earn more, save and start investing so your money starts working for you.

Divorce can be the beginning of your independent wealth

What if Managing Money felt fun?

Yes, fun. The truth is: Managing money isn’t the boring thing accountants make it out to be—it’s a covert phrase for generating wealth. I don’t know about you but getting rich is always fun. But before you can start saving / investing / doing whatever you need to do to make yourself wealthier, here’s what you need to know: Your money situation is not your fault.

Sure, you may knowingly be overspending at Lululemon every month (no judgement), but how you spend, save or invest your money is a manifestation of your childhood conditioning. The parent who pinched pennies or the prime-time 30-somethings who made a joke of living paycheck to paycheck all shaped how you think about (and spend) money today. And we can change that.

Join the thousands of people who have decided that divorce will not mean financial devastation and that they will rebuild stronger, wealthier and more confident