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Hey, I'm Nicole!

If you've stumbled upon my page, chances are you're a woman at a pivotal moment in your life and are ready to transform your financial reality. 

If you're seeking direction on how and where to embark, you're in the right place.

I've been where you are...

Eight years ago, I found myself facing my pivotal moment, a divorce -with no clear understanding of my financial situation. Caught up in the day-to-day challenges of marriage, I had overlooked the importance of financial literacy and independence. However, the moment I found myself on my own with children to support, I knew I had to get my head out of the sand and create stability.

It was easier than I anticipated because I wanted it so bad. Building a solid financial foundation led to stability and in time freedom. In under 7 years I became a multi-millionaire. 

Now, I am driven by a deep passion to support other women on their journey to financial success. I understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting anew, and I am here to guide and empower you every step of the way.

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